Under Development

Deny is currently an invite-only tool for traffic logging and monitoring. It utilizes various APIs to access publicly available details about IP characteristics, along with executing logical operations for traffic classification. The tool employs a hybrid approach that combines client-side and server-side processing. Each page load and interaction on a website is fingerprinted, capturing UTM data for attribution and numerous other data points. In its current version, authorized users can query, review, and export website traffic by domain, date range, and specific data points.

This allows them to assess the quality of traffic originating from paid media channels and to create custom exclusion lists that help mitigate Invalid Traffic (IVT).

Future updates will introduce dynamic exclusion lists, enabling paid media managers to quickly access and evaluate traffic quality and implement necessary exclusions.
Traffic can be classified into several categories, including:

- Residential/Business ISPs
- Datacenters
- Proxies/VPNs
- Residential Proxies
- Mobile Carriers

Commercial Bots/Search Engine SpidersWith insights into how traffic typically interacts with ads and the marketing funnel—both historically and across various industries—paid media managers can make informed decisions to exclude certain traffic sources and preemptively block known problematic zip codes or IP ranges.

Live Network Traffic

Bots vs. Human Traffic

Human Desktop vs. Mobile  Traffic

Operating System Traffic